Hike New Jersey Walks Again

In the late 90s a humble little site was created as a way for me to share photographs of New Jersey’s parks with those in the online hiking community. As time passed and other photo sharing tools came online that site went dormant and was lost to time. In the last year or so I’ve had the idea to reacquire the domain for nostalgia’s sake and finally did this summer.

With the domain back in my hands I starting thinking about ways to put it in use. I couldn’t just make it a photo sharing site because Flickr does that so well and the local New Jersey communities there are already quite active. So isntead, work started on forming a site to do more then just show photos of the great natural resources and hiking areas we have in the state and to offer a bit more information and links out to help learn about and explore them. Pages for each hiking trail or park will soon have some background information as well as important information like maps, guidebooks, links to more information, and yes, photographs to wet your appetite.

Parks Already Posted & More To Come!

With the site relaunch I’ve started pages for a few of the trails I regularly find myself heading to for day hikes in north eastern New Jersey. These parks include South Mountain Reservation, The Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, Watchung Reservation and Lord Stirling Park. Don’t worry if these parks aren’t local to you, the guides for them link to resources that cover the entire state, and should give you a starting point for exploration.

Soon I hope to expand the list of trails and coverage of these state reaching areas like the Palisades Interstate Park to the northeast and points west like the Delaware Water Gap, so check back often or follow the site’s RSS feed or follow @HikeNJ on twitter for updates.

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