Don’t Miss Spring

Though today is the official first day of Spring, Spring jumped the gun on us for a few weeks. If for some reason you haven’t gotten outside on the trail or walking around a local park, don’t waste much more time — you may miss it.

On Saturday I put in 10 miles on the trails of South Mountain Reservation and saw many signs of Spring — early wildflowers like Lavender or the invasive Lesser Celandine, many chirping birds, and trees pushing out new leaves. There are already some signs the second wave of blooms are already on their way — I saw mountain laurel budding and in the muddier areas the leaves of trout lilies poking through. Tis the season of perfect hiking weather, too. Grab a light jacket or heavy shirt and go for miles without getting overheated or cold.

Early Spring 2012 Photos

If you need a bit more of a kick in the rear to get out of your house and spend some time in the woods or the hills, here’s a few images from my hike of the Lenape and Rahway trails this past weekend.

More blossoms

Pink Cherry Blossoms in full bloom on the walk up Warner Rd to the park entrance

Dried Tulip Tree Flower

Aside from some beech leaves that are still hanging on, this dried tulip tree flower was one of the last signs of the monochromatic brown winter season

Mountain Laurel Budding

The buds of a mountain laurel plant near Hemlock Falls

Spring Beauty 2012

A Spring Beauty poking out from under a tree root near the river

Turkey Vulture

One of a few turkey vultures casting shadows on the ground and soaring on the warm air

Lonely Lavender

A lovely purple lavender flower on the ground near the Tulip Springs area

Want to Find A Park?

If you want to find a park near you to explore and get some exercise and fresh are here are a few great resources:

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