Winter Scenes on the Elmdale Trail

Unlike the icy rains today, yesterday started with nothing but blue and sunny skys. In the afternoon I snuck off for a short snowshoeing and photo trip along the Elmdale Trail (blue markers) in South Mountain Reservation starting and finishing from the corner of Glen Ave and Brookside Drive. View the 4 1/3 mile route on RunKeeper.

The snow on this less used trail was icy and crusty the whole way, but I only had to break new trail for a short stint around the loop where the markers get a little sketchy without the worn dirt trails to follow. The snow was littered with fallen shards of ice, and glistened in the light, combined with the newly fallen beech leaves it was a pretty sight along this hilly route.

Elmdale Trail, Winter [1/3]

Elmdale Trail, Winter [2/3]

Elmdale Trail, Winter [3/3]

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