About Hike New Jersey

The internet was founded on a desire to share. Hike New Jersey was founded on my desire to share the great natural resource of the state I call home.

Hike New Jersey’s Past

What you’re reading is the second incarnation of this web site. Hikenj.net was one of my first domain names and web projects first launched in the late 90s. Those first versions of the site were intended to share a few photographs of parks I’ve visited and were quite static in comparison to the interactive & participatory sites of today [the interactivity in those days was mostly via email lists or newsgroups]. Like the fate of so many other web sites over time it had gone dormant and then I let the domain registration lapse, and like so many other domains fell into the hands of advertising farms. In the Summer of 2009 I got control of the domain back for nostalgia’s sake and begun deciding what it is I would do with it. The last incarnation of the old site was saved for posterity and can be viewed at archive.hikenj.net.

Hike New Jersey’s Present and Future

So here we are in the present day [2009] internet that is full of visitor participation, sharing, and community. What I’ve tried to do with this version of HikeNJ.net is to mix a little bit of the original intention of the site — to share my own experiences — with the social tools available now. Its a lot of ground to make up so I’m starting off slow [say, 2005 style] with commenting and connecting to other communities and then we’ll have to see where we go from there.

Support Hike New Jersey

What to help keep the site going and show your support financially? I don’t feel right asking for donations, but here are a few ways we can both get something for your money:

  • Guide Books Sales: Any purchases of trail guides or other books featured this site earn me a cut of the sale. You get a great book, I get a little money for hosting.
  • Buy Landscape Photographs: I often travel around these New Jersey parks with my camera. Selected prints can be purchased at New Jersey Landscape Photography by Chris Casciano.
  • Web Site Hosting: Hike New Jersey is hosted on Dreamhost. If you need hosting enter promo code PNH001 for free setup on any hosting plan.


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